[Global Times Special Correspondent Zhang Ruo Li Yao] During the period before the local "nine-in-one" elections at the end of the year on the island, the melee between the various parties continued, and the "dissertation door" still emerged one after another.

However, in the latest pro-green media revelations about the plagiarism of Gao Hongan's doctoral dissertation, the candidate for the mayoral election of Hsinchu People's Party, what is striking is not the plagiarism case itself, but the difference between the "regular army" and the "flanking net army" of the Green Camp. signs.

In fact, the situation of "out of control" of the cyber army on the flank of the Green Camp has occurred frequently in recent years, and it has also attracted the attention of many public opinion. Whether the result of the DPP authorities' vigorous support of the cyber army will lead to its own backlash.

  According to a report by Taiwan's Zhongshi Electronic News on the 22nd, when Gao Hongan clarified his academic performance at a press conference a few days ago, because he said "not like the evening department of Chung Hwa University", it was interpreted as discriminating against part-time students such as the night department of Chung Hwa University. .

Although she later apologized for her gaffe, and Chung Wah University and its student union also accepted the apology, her opponent, Shen Huihong of the Democratic Progressive Party, and several Green Camp candidates came out to criticize her as "elite arrogance" and expressed great respect for "Zhonghua" University Night Club" and so on.

However, it is embarrassing that Chung Hwa University was attacked by the Green Camp Internet Army for accepting the apology. The "unscrupulous public relations" on the Facebook page of the Green Camp flanked scolded and wrote, "This is the first time I saw the student union and wanted to be a dog." Chung Hwa University wants to be such a cheapskate," and other abusive sentences.

  Zhao Shaokang, chairman of "Zhongguang", said on the 22nd that the "regular army" of the green camp kept attacking Gao Hongan and "discriminated" against Zhonghua University. As a result, the flanks of the green camp operated in the exact opposite direction, directly discriminating and humiliating Zhonghua University. It's a ridiculous phenomenon, it's really ridiculous." It has long been self-evident whether Chung Hwa University is the object of the Green Camp's defense or just a "weapon" used by the Green Camp.

  It is not the first time that the green battalion flank cyber army and the "regular army" have played against each other.

At the end of last year, Gao Jiayu, a "legislator" of the DPP, blew himself up for domestic violence by her boyfriend Lin Bingshu. As soon as Lin Bingshu's identity as "the head of the Green Camp Internet Army" was exposed, it caused a period of civil strife in the Green Camp - some DPP "legislators" and other politicians expressed concern about this Silent, it seemed that they did not dare to provoke the attack of their own flank cyber army; others tried to cut their seats, criticizing Lin and others as "net army villains", but they were basically people such as Lu Xiulian who did not currently hold important positions in the party.

  An earlier example dates back to just after the 2020 "election" in Taiwan.

Zhongshi Electronic News disclosed last year that according to the election funds announced by Taiwan's "Supervision Institute", Tsai Ing-wen's 2020 campaign headquarters paid DPP Deputy Secretary-General Lin Heming a monthly salary of 120,000 yuan (NTD), plus a year-end bonus of 360,000 yuan; "Green Committee" Chen Mingwen's daughter Chen Guanying also has 180,000 yuan.

If the salary is added, the two have earned hundreds of thousands in one election, which has made many flanking net troops who did not get the benefits feel resentful.

A Green Camp person familiar with the operation of the Internet Army said that last year, when Guo Taiming and others donated vaccines, they were attacked by the Green Camp Internet Army. Afterwards, it was only possible for a high-level executive like Tsai Ing-wen to come forward to meet Guo Taiming in person. , these people may become landmines for the DPP in the future."

  Wang Zhixiong, a professor at the University of Chicago, recently wrote an article saying that Tsai Ing-wen quickly changed her strategy after losing the "nine-in-one" election in 2018, vigorously supported the "black Korean (Guoyu) industry", and raised a group of hateful The net army with moral offline and "zero IQ".

Like cockroaches, these netizens are flooding TV commentary programs and social networks. They do their best to bully and humiliate all those who criticize and monitor the authorities with unwarranted rumors and exaggerated exaggerations.

Wang Zhixiong said that Tsai Ing-wen has compiled the highest marketing project budget in history in various "ministers and committees", and used the loophole of "no need to submit bids under NT$100,000" to open the door to pro-green public relations companies and flanking fans. , has raised the net army with various projects of various sizes.

And now, the growth of these cyber forces has in turn begun to "backstab" the green camp.

Zhao Shaokang said on the 22nd that this is the real "flank ruling Taiwan", and the flank has made Taiwan's elections and society indistinguishable from right and wrong, which also reflects that the DPP has been "tail wagging the dog" by the flank.

Through the Gao Hongan incident, it has been seen that the DPP's flank has become so large that even the DPP itself can't control it, "The Internet army has become so large that even Tsai Ing-wen dares not accuse or demand, and can only bear the bitter consequences. ".