China News Service, September 23. According to Taiwan's "United Daily News", a red glass bead unearthed at the Chongde Archaeological Site in Xiulin Township, Hualien County, Taiwan, about a thousand years ago, will be sent to Chicago for experiments next month. The room analyzes the ingredients and uncovers the mystery of its life experience.

A glass bead unearthed from the Chongde site in Hualien will be sent to a laboratory in Chicago next month to analyze its composition and uncover the mystery of its life experience.

Image source: Taiwan "United Daily News"

  Hualien County Cultural Bureau stated that the Archaeological Museum of Hualien County Cultural Bureau cooperated with the "Academia Sinica" Institute of History and Linguistics to conduct analysis and research. The main purpose is to understand the glass exchange relationship between Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

  The red glass beads selected by Queping were unearthed during the trial excavation at the Chongde archaeological site in 2016. They are 5.87 cm long, 7.5 cm in diameter and 3.34 cm in diameter of the perforation. They are small and exquisite. Relics from the middle of the Iron Age about 1,000 years ago.