China News Service, September 23. According to a comprehensive Russian media report on the 22nd, Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov denied the news that "Russia plans to recruit 1 million people during the partial mobilization period".

Data map: Russian President's Press Secretary Peskov.

  According to the TASS news agency, some mobilization documents signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin have a total of 10 contents, the seventh of which is marked as "viewable by public officials only".

To this end, some media said that the undisclosed Article 7 was related to "possible recruitment of 1 million people".

Peskov said in an interview that the news "was a lie."

  In addition, Peskov said that the partial mobilization did not change the nature of the special military operation.

  According to previous reports, Putin signed a decree on the partial mobilization in Russia on the 21st.

In a televised address to all Russian citizens, he said the decision was in line with the threats Russia is currently facing.

On the same day, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu said that during the partial mobilization period, 300,000 reservists were planned to be recruited, but "not all of them have been mobilized at one time."