When the Sweden Democrats' candidates were ticked off the list, one of Kalmar County's mandates fell to Mona Olin (SD) from Hörby in Skåne.

She personally has no connection to the county, but sees no major problems with representing the county's voters in the Riksdag

- It can be good that someone comes from the outside with a different perspective and can perhaps see things in a different light, says Mona Olin (SD), prospective Member of Parliament, she continues:

- I have sat in the regional council in Skåne.

Then I may have experiences and thoughts about various issues that may not have been raised and discussed in Kalmar County.

"National issues"

According to her, the influence of the local starting point on politics is limited.

- There are not huge opportunities to influence local politics.

As a member of parliament, you work with national issues, says Mona Olin (SD).

It is still a while before the work in the Riksdag begins and she is installed in the capital.

- If I could choose, I would like to sit on the education committee or the social security committee.

I have four years' experience of sitting on the social committee in Hörby.

These are questions that I have a lot of experience with, she says.