China News Service, September 19th. At 14:44 on the 18th, a 6.9-magnitude earthquake occurred in Hualien, Taiwan. According to Taiwan's "China Times News Network", a video of "Taipei 101 Building Soft Q Shaking" appeared on the social network after the earthquake, making the The official issued a rare document clarifying that the film "doesn't match the facts", and the public is requested not to spread the truth.

  At 9 o'clock on the evening of the 18th, Taipei 101 posted a clarification on social platforms, saying that after the earthquake occurred in Hualien County on the 18th, an animated video of the Taipei 101 building shaking due to the earthquake was widely reposted on the Internet and social media. The facts do not match, and I am worried that the public misunderstanding is hereby clarified.

  It is understood that the animation video is from Tiktok. It shows the image of the Taipei 101 building twisting and shaking left and right due to the earthquake. The length of the film is only 8 seconds.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, Taipei 101 officially issued a statement to clarify.

  Many netizens who have seen the video also commented on the fake video, "The 101 building is shaking, and other buildings are still, it is very fake...", "Now there is a breeze near 101 Nanshan Mountain, which is not in the video, it is obvious that the video is fake".