Let's go to Japan, where the typhoon is passing.

In Japan, the damage is increasing as strong winds and heavy rains are pouring everywhere.

Correspondent Park Sang-jin in Tokyo is connected.

Seeing the branches swaying behind me, the wind seems to be blowing quite a bit.

Where is the typhoon passing now?


Typhoon 'Nanmadol' is currently moving toward Kyoto at a speed of 35 km/h.

It rained heavily along with strong winds in the southern regions of Kyushu, where it first landed, and in the eastern Chugoku and Shikoku regions.

In some areas of Miyazaki, a lot of rain of 726 mm per day fell, and the instantaneous maximum wind speed was 47.4 m/s in Ehime Prefecture.

Here in Tokyo, as we entered the typhoon zone, it suddenly rained heavily today (the 19th) or a wind that reached 20 m/s blew, but a lot of rain is predicted until tomorrow.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has predicted that the typhoon will pass through the Japanese archipelago at around 12:00 noon tomorrow.


Japan is in a situation where we cannot relax until tomorrow, so please organize the damage news that has been reported so far.


Yes, the Japan Meteorological Agency evaluated this typhoon as "rain and wind that have never been experienced".

Today in Fukuoka Prefecture, a 12-meter-tall sign on the roof of a building collapsed, and a telephone pole in a residential area was also broken.

The greenhouse was submerged in water except for the roof.

There were also casualties.

In Miyazaki Prefecture, a man in his 60s was found dead in a submerged vehicle, and a man in his 40s fell unconscious due to a landslide.

In addition, 82 people were injured, including falling from strong winds.

More than 250,000 households in Kyushu and Chugoku areas were out of power, and cell phones were out of service at one time.

Although it was less than yesterday, evacuation orders were also issued to 2.65 million people.

More than 800 flights to and from the Kyushu region have been canceled, and the Shinkansen linking Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka has also reduced the number of flights or stopped operating from this afternoon.

(Video coverage: Han Cheol-min, Moon Hyun-jin, video editing: Kim Kyung-yeon)