China News Service, Beijing, September 19 (Xie Yanbing) Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning hosted a regular press conference on September 19.

  A reporter asked: According to Japanese media reports, Tokyo Electric Power Company of Japan recently announced that it sampled and analyzed the nuclear polluted water of the Fukushima nuclear power plant after being purified by the polynuclide treatment system (ALPS), and found that the activity concentration of strontium-90 was about It is 3 times of the Japanese national standard value.

What is China's comment?

  Mao Ning: I have noticed the above report.

This fully shows that the concerns of the international community on the reliability of Japanese data, the effectiveness of purification devices, and the uncertainty of environmental impact are completely justified.

It is extremely irresponsible for the Japanese side to insist on forcibly promoting the sea discharge plan and the construction of the sea discharge pipeline project when there are many doubts about the nuclear-polluted water discharge plan and the reasonable concerns of the international community have not been properly addressed.

  The ocean is not Japan's trash can, and the Pacific Ocean is not Japan's sewers.

The Chinese side once again urges the Japanese side to stop forcing the discharge of nuclear-polluted water into the sea, earnestly respond to the legitimate concerns of all countries, earnestly fulfill its due international obligations, and fully consult with stakeholders including neighboring countries and relevant international institutions, and conduct scientific, Find the proper disposal of nuclear-contaminated water in an open, transparent and safe manner.