The 14th typhoon 'Nanmadol' is approaching Japan with strong winds and torrential rain.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, Nan Madol is moving north from the southern sea of ​​Kyushu, Japan, maintaining a central pressure of 930 hectopascals, a maximum wind speed of 45 m/s near the center, and a maximum instantaneous wind speed of 65 m/s as of 2 pm on the 18th. .

The typhoon is expected to move northwest along the western coast of Kyushu and then to the northwest along the coast of the Japanese archipelago facing the Sea of ​​Japan.

As Nan Madol approached, strong winds and torrential rain continued in the area affected.

The maximum instantaneous wind speed of 50.9 m/s was observed at 11:51 am today in Yakushima, Kagoshima Prefecture.

This is a wind that has the power to cause the truck to fall over, the poles and street trees to fall, and the building exterior materials to fly over a wide range.

In Morotsuka Village, Miyazaki Prefecture, as of 2:40 p.m. today, 24-hour precipitation recorded 389.5 mm.

Considering that the average precipitation from 1991 to September 2020 at this observation point was 486.8 mm, about 80% of the rain for a month fell in one day.

Due to the typhoon, public transportation is not functioning properly.

According to NHK, the Kyushu Shinkansen has ceased operation on all routes as of 1:30 pm today and will not operate tomorrow.

On the Sanyo Shinkansen from Fukuoka to Osaka, the section between Hakata Station and Hiroshima Station will be suspended tomorrow, and the remaining sections will operate less frequently than usual.

Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways) have decided to cancel flight 510 as of 11 am today.

Some flights from various places in Shikoku to Fukuoka and Tokyo are also expected to be canceled until tomorrow.

Casualties were also reported.

Yesterday, at 1 PM, a small recreational boat with no occupants was found drifting in a port in Toyohashi City, Ehime Prefecture.

The ship's captain was found collapsed on the beach about 2 km away, and his death was confirmed shortly thereafter.

He was out leaving a message to his family that he would put the vessel to safety in case of a typhoon.

Authorities are tight-knit.

Local governments in Kyushu, such as Kagoshima, Miyazaki, Nagasaki, Fukuoka, Oita, and Saga, have issued information urging residents to evacuate, and the target population is approximately 2184,000 households, or 4.58 million people, according to NHK.

The Japan Meteorological Agency issued a heavy rain special warning for Miyazaki Prefecture this afternoon and urged people not to delay their alert posture as heavy rain that has never been experienced before is falling.

Kyodo News reported that the Japanese government has raised its alert posture this afternoon by upgrading the official contact room installed at the Prime Minister's Office Crisis Management Center to the official countermeasures room.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida issued a message to the public at a ministerial meeting held on the same day, saying, "It would be good to pay attention to the latest weather information and evacuation information and take action to save lives early."