China News Service, September 1st. According to the website of the Chinese Consulate General in Cape Town, on August 30, Lin Jing, the Chinese Consul General in Cape Town, went to the Cape Town Mayor's Office to present to Cape Town Mayor Hill- Geordin Hill-Lewis resigned and Deputy Consul General Tang Changan attended the meeting.

  Consul General Lin Jing said farewell to Hill and thanked Cape Town for its efforts in ensuring the safety of life and property of the Chinese community.

Lin Jing pointed out that the current social security situation in South Africa is becoming more and more serious, with a high incidence of vicious security cases such as kidnapping and robbery cases, posing a serious threat to the life, property and normal life of Chinese citizens. The Consulate General is highly concerned and seriously concerned about this. Cape Town has taken practical and effective measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of overseas Chinese from illegal infringement.

  Hill expressed his gratitude to the Chinese compatriots for their contribution to the prosperity, stability and economic development of Cape Town, and regretted the recent cases involving Chinese citizens. Cape Town attaches great importance to the security work of all foreigners, including Chinese compatriots. By increasing the investment in municipal monitoring equipment, promoting the establishment of a provincial anti-kidnapping task force, dispatching additional municipal patrols, and strengthening cooperation with law enforcement agencies, we will take organized actions to combat crimes and provide local Chinese overseas Chinese with a safe and good life. business environment.

  The two sides also exchanged in-depth views on bilateral economic and trade cooperation, sister city exchanges and the Taiwan issue.