No young person deserves that: first to be happy that they got a place at university and then to find out a few days later that this is not the case.

Stupid, at least.

The fact that the Goethe University has withdrawn a large number of places in medicine and dentistry that it had given is more than an annoyance and damages the reputation of the university.

All the more so since such a mistake no longer just happens and causes injustice for all those affected.

Anyone who wants to assess the dimensions of the image damage that the institution is facing can check social media, where thousands have reacted to the topic.

There are several ways to go to university and to one of the study places for medical subjects, since the Abitur grade, waiting times and selection procedures of the universities are no longer the sole admission criteria, from the medically-related profession to the country doctor obligation.

"University too stupid to count"

The spectrum of those affected by the breakdown in Frankfurt is correspondingly broad.

The university itself explains it succinctly and a bit cloudy with a transmission error in the replacement places, on the basis of which the Foundation for University Admissions started the allocation process.

After all, the university does not seem to deny that the fault lies with her.

It is said to be more than 280 cases.

"Uni too stupid to count" was the headline in a tabloid.

The headline is deserved, one might add.

It is obvious that those affected by the breakdown have every reason to be angry, annoyed and sad.

Among the unfortunate are not only people from Frankfurt, not even only prospective students from Germany.

And in the few days that elapsed between the positive decision and the return decision, a lot could be organized that then turned out to be premature, starting with the termination of the apartment as the first step towards a possible move to Frankfurt.

An objection can be lodged against the withdrawal notice.

Many will do so, some will seek legal advice and consider lawsuits.

The number of those who are so disappointed now may be greater than those who will insist on their promised place of study;

some will reorient themselves.

In the meantime, one can only advise the Goethe University to include the wrong notifications in the notification of the available places in the next round and to find a procedure for this.

That would be fair to those who still want to go to Frankfurt.