He made suggestive remarks, touched her inappropriately or kissed her against her will: The weekly newspaper "Die Zeit" reports on several women who the gallery owner Johann König is said to have sexually molested.

König is one of the most influential German art dealers.

In his galleries in Berlin, Seoul and Vienna he represents important contemporary artists such as Alicja Kwade, Monica Bonvicini, Katharina Grosse, Jeppe Hein and Norbert Bisky.

On Friday, Galerie König is among the hundred participants in the first edition of the Frieze art fair in Seoul.

According to "Zeit", which relies on statements by women, some of whom spoke under their real names, some of them anonymously, the alleged incidents are said to have happened several years ago and in the context of art events.

For fear of possible negative consequences for those affected, they have not yet been made public.

At the FIAC art fair in Paris in 2017, König is said to have groped women, held one woman and tried to force another into a toilet.

Also in 2017, the gallery owner in the Berlin restaurant Grill Royal is said to have forced a kiss on a woman.

On another occasion he had become verbally abusive.

According to "Zeit", the newspaper has received a letter from König's lawyer, in which all allegations against the gallery owner are denied without exception.