The Lebanese authorities announced the arrest of Abdullah Yasser Sabawi, the grandson of the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's brother, for being wanted in connection with the so-called Speicher massacre in Tikrit in 2014.

And the National News Agency in Lebanon reported that the Director of Lebanese Public Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, confirmed in an interview with Al-Iraqiya news channel the arrest of Abdullah Yasser Sabawi Al-Hassan, who is wanted by the Iraqi judiciary, "because of his accusation of carrying out criminal operations that claimed the lives of thousands of innocent people."

The Director of Lebanese Public Security added that Sabawi's arrest came "on the basis of an international Interpol memorandum carried out by the competent Lebanese security services."

He continued, "We work under the roof of international law, the judiciary, and memoranda of exchange and recovery of wanted persons between countries, especially a sister country like Iraq, and we, in turn, reject any impunity."

ISIS had announced that it had killed hundreds of soldiers and trainees at the military base called Speicher in Tikrit (north of Baghdad) after capturing them after the organization entered the city on June 12, 2014. The Iraqi authorities estimated the number of victims at about 1,700 people.