(A close look at China) Xi Jinping's trip to Liaoning, looking at the "section map" of the revitalization of the Northeast from the three key points of the inspection

  China News Service, Beijing, August 19 (Reporter Huang Yuqin) "The Party Central Committee attaches great importance to the revitalization of the Northeast." "We are full of confidence and expectations for the comprehensive revitalization of the Northeast in the new era." From August 16 to 17, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee , President of the People's Republic of China and Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping successively visited Jinzhou, Shenyang and other places in Liaoning Province for investigation and investigation. The term "Northeast Revitalization" has become a topic of concern to the outside world.

  The revitalization of the Northeast is one of the "four major sectors" of China's regional development. The Northeast's "reshaping the environment and revitalizing its glory" is related to the overall situation of the country's development.

"There are more people from the Northeast, and I am very concerned about the revitalization and development here." Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping has set foot on the black land for investigation and research many times.

In 2015 and 2018, Xi Jinping presided over two symposiums themed on the revitalization of the Northeast in Changchun and Shenyang.

  The revitalization of the Northeast in the new era is a comprehensive revitalization and an all-round revitalization.

Some analysts pointed out that during this trip to Liaoning, Xi Jinping conducted an in-depth inspection of a park, an enterprise, and a community, and used the method of dissecting "little sparrows" to investigate the profile of the "big picture" of the revitalization of the Northeast, in order to promote the Northeast. The revitalization further pointed the way.

  A Forest Park: Controlling Mountains, Controlling Water, Controlling the City

  On the 16th, Xi Jinping came to Jinzhou Donghu Forest Park, which is located at the confluence of Xiaoling River and Daughter River, to inspect the local strengthening of ecological environment restoration.

He emphasized that it is necessary to adhere to the integration of mountain, water and city management, and scientifically and rationally plan the production space, living space and ecological space of the city.

  Behind the visit to a forest park is Xi Jinping's consistent concern for the ecological environment of the Northeast.

During his visits to Northeast China, Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized ecological protection and green development.

  In May 2016, Xi Jinping went to Heilongjiang Shangganling Forestry Bureau Xishui National Forest Park and other places to inspect, focusing on the economic transformation and development of forest areas.

He emphasized that the significance of protecting the ecological environment is strategic.

  In September 2018, when Xi Jinping inspected Chagan Lake in Jilin, he pointed out that the protection of the ecological environment should be given priority and green development should be adhered to.

Chagan Lake's ecological protection and tourism development complement each other, and we must keep going.

  For the economic and social development of the Northeast, a good ecological environment is not only a precious resource, but also an advantage to revitalize the Northeast.

Especially at the symposium on in-depth promotion of the revitalization of the Northeast in 2018, Xi Jinping proposed to consolidate and enhance the advantages of green development, emphasizing that it is necessary to implement the concept that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, and ice and snow are also invaluable assets.

  Today, the sky is bluer, the mountains are greener, and the water is clearer in the Northeast, which is turning from a vision into a reality.

  In Jinzhou East Lake Forest Park, Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of the ecological environment to the revitalization of the Northeast, and "governing mountains, water, and cities" also has a deeper meaning: the construction of ecological civilization can significantly enhance the sense of achievement of the common people, and the common people have the most profound experience.

  A company: Chinese speed, Chinese level

  As the cradle of new China's industry, the Northeast region used to be intertwined with glory and dreams.

However, since the tide of reform and opening up, this black land has also accumulated pain and thinking.

  In the eyes of the outside world, the lack of independent innovation capability is one of the key factors restricting the revitalization of the Northeast.

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, at the two symposiums held in Changchun and Shenyang on the theme of Northeast Revitalization, whether it is "four efforts" or "six requirements", "innovation" is an important keyword mentioned by Xi Jinping. .

As he said, grasping innovation is grasping development, and seeking innovation is seeking for the future.

If you do not innovate, you will fall behind, and if you innovate slowly, you will fall behind.

  During this Liaoning inspection, Xi Jinping made a special trip to Shenyang SIASUN Robotic Automation Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise centered on robotics.

  It is understood that at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea, the artificial intelligence robot used in the "Beijing Eight Minutes" performance came from Siasong.

Xi Jinping praised it during his inspection, "reflecting China's speed and level".

  Today, the intelligent industry represented by robot technology is booming, becoming an important symbol of scientific and technological innovation in the modern era, and also an important starting point for the revitalization of the Northeast.

When the National People's Congress participated in the deliberation of the Jilin delegation in 2015, Xi Jinping used "addition, subtraction, multiplication and division" as an analogy to solve the "two-person transfer" strategy for the Northeast to solve the "one pillar of industry with a single structure".

Among them, the "multiplication" is precisely the drive for innovation.

  Enterprises are a new force for innovation. During his inspection in Liaoning, Xi Jinping entered a high-tech enterprise and once again emphasized that "the road of independent innovation must be taken".

The commentator believes that through the practice of innovation and development of an enterprise, it is not difficult for the outside world to see the driving force and direction of Northeast China's revitalization in the future. Only innovators will advance, only innovators will be strong, and only innovators will win.

  One Community: The Dream of a Well-off Society, the Dream of a Strong Country, and the Chinese Dream

  The Peony Community of Sandaizi Street, Huanggu District, Shenyang is an important stop for Xi Jinping's inspection in Liaoning.

Community is known as the "nerve terminal" of grassroots governance, connecting thousands of households and serving as a barometer for people to live and work in peace and contentment.

  In the Peony community, Xi Jinping asked very carefully whether the price of food was expensive, whether the community service was good, and what difficulties were there in life.

In the eyes of the outside world, Xi Jinping's visit to the "small community" is a continuous concern for people's livelihood.

  Grasping people's livelihood is also focusing on development, and people's livelihood is an important yardstick for testing the comprehensive revitalization of the Northeast.

The analysis pointed out that to realize the revitalization of the Northeast, it is necessary to not only have the necessary economic growth, but also pay attention to the improvement of people's livelihood, so that the people can share the fruits of development.

At the previous symposium on promoting the revitalization of the Northeast, Xi Jinping made it clear that we should pay more attention to making up for the shortcomings in the field of people's livelihood, so that the people can share the results of the revitalization of the Northeast.

  "We must always put people's lives and work in peace and contentment, safety and security in mind" "In the process of development and transformation of resource-exhausted cities, people's livelihood must be guaranteed first"... In recent years, when inspecting communities and villages in Northeast China, people's livelihood issues have always been in the eyes of Xi Jinping Do a good job in the "compass" of economic and social development.

  When inspecting the Peony community, the transformation of water, electricity and gas, the meals in the elderly restaurant, the living needs of "one old and one young" and other specific issues related to people's livelihood have all become the focus of Xi Jinping's attention.

Some analysts believe that although it seems like a trivial matter, it is directly related to the people's sense of happiness, and the improvement of people's livelihood will be the starting point and end point of the revitalization of the Northeast.

  A small community gathers the people's urgent hopes, wishes and needs, and is the most simple yearning for a better life.

In this regard, Xi Jinping also explained in moving language - the dream of a well-off society, the dream of a strong country, and the Chinese dream are, in the final analysis, the "dream of happiness" of the common people.