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For less than 30 euros, get Pokémon Pearl Shining, one of the hits of the Nintendo Switch.

This remake will please you with the promise of a grand adventure!


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It's time to become the best trainer with this great discount for Pokémon Sparkling Pearl on Nintendo Switch.

The console hit goes to the price of 29.99 euros or a payment in installments with 7.67 euros to pay now and then three monthly installments of the same amount.

Enjoy your new game tomorrow under conditions at home or at a collection point thanks to unlimited Cdiscount delivery.

Right now, membership is only 29 euros/year after a 6-day free trial.

Benefit from other advantages such as a kitty system.

Save even more money by getting Nintendo Switch games to complete your toy library.

Immerse yourself in the world of Pokémon with this adventure that promises you hours of traveling the world in search of the best creatures to defeat the League.

A remake hailed by players for its high fidelity and next-gen approach with modern mechanics.

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Nintendo Switch: Pokemon Sparkling Pearl available for less than 30 euros

Pokémon Shining Pearl takes place in the Sinnoh region dominated by Mount Crowned.

A lush decor that is full of ancient myths passed down from generation to generation.

Take your place as a trainer and go on an adventure with your starter to defeat the League!

This title promises an amazing visual experience with its superb graphics.

Complete your Pokédex, fight your rival and thwart the plans of the enigmatic Team Galaxie.

It's simple, in Pokémon Pearl Shining, you will experience several exciting storylines with the Pokémon at the center of the plot!

Assemble your perfect team by studying the best strategies to dominate the other trainers and cross paths with the famous Legendary Pokémon between Dialga, master of time, and Palkia that of space.

Creatures revered by the people of Sinnoh.

With its rich mythology, Pokémon Pearl Shining will fascinate you for long hours.

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