China News Service, August 19. According to the news of the "Europe Times" WeChat public account "East to West", on August 17, local time, representatives of the United Chamber of Commerce in the French beautiful city, together with a number of police officers in charge of local security, condoled to the merchants in the neighborhood. , and presented moon cakes to merchants.

  On the afternoon of the same day, Ye Wen, president of the French Beauty City United Chamber of Commerce, and his party, together with several police officers in charge of the local neighborhood security environment, visited the members of the Beauty City Chamber of Commerce and merchants one by one, and delivered Mid-Autumn Mooncakes to everyone.

Ye Wen and others expressed their gratitude and condolences to the merchants along the way, thanked everyone for actively responding to the call of the Chamber of Commerce, participating in the activities of the Chamber of Commerce, and making active efforts to maintain the security and stability of the beautiful city neighborhood.

  Ye Wen said that with the joint efforts of local district governments and police, businessmen and chambers of commerce in the beautiful city, the public security environment in the beautiful city has been significantly improved. He hoped that everyone will continue to work together to make the beautiful city more beautiful.

  It is reported that not long ago, under the leadership of Rigon, the head of public security in the north of Paris, the chief of the 20th arrondissement, and the captain of the Belleville special patrol team, the police officers and special patrols of the 10th, 11th, 19th and 20th arrondissements of Paris With the cooperation of the French Beauty City United Chamber of Commerce, the team members visited the merchants in the Beauty City area, issued public security and joint defense signs for the merchants, improved the safety awareness of the merchants, jointly prevented crimes, and created a "safe and beautiful city", which was praised and cooperated by the merchants.

It is the mode of joint defense between the police and the public that has made the public security of Belleville continue to improve, creating a unique and effective public security model in Belleville, which has been promoted by the French Ministry of the Interior in some sensitive neighborhoods.

This is the first time the police have participated in the condolences to the businesses in the beautiful city, and it is also a thank you to the businesses of the beautiful city for their active participation in the public security joint defense and their contribution to the safety of the neighborhood.

  It is understood that in addition to the condolences, the French Beauty City United Chamber of Commerce will also hold a "Mid-Autumn Temple Fair" event with the local government during the Mid-Autumn Festival to celebrate this traditional Chinese festival.

During the event, food stalls and performance areas will be set up, so that the public and guests can fully experience the festive and joyful atmosphere of the festival.

This activity is supported by several district governments in the Meicheng District.

(Huang Guanjie)