• War in Ukraine The EU opens a new sanctions front to prohibit visas for Russian tourists

  • Diplomacy Finland will reinforce its border with Russia in fear that Moscow will instrumentalize migration

A strong controversy has shaken


in the last hours after the leak of a video on social networks in which the Prime Minister,

Sanna Marin

, is seen dancing wildly at a party with well-known personalities of the


jet set .

According to the tabloid


, among the party guests seen in the video are the singer


, the


Janita Autio

, the television presenter

Tinni Wikstroem

, the


Ilona Ylikorpi

, the radio host

Karoliina Tuominen

, the stylist

Vesa Silver

and MP

Ilmari Nurminen

, from the Social Democratic Party of Marin.



has come out of the controversy and has regretted that her "private spaces" have come to light.

He has also denied that he had used drugs during the party.

What's more, she has volunteered to

undergo a test that looks for toxic substances in her body


In the video you can hear someone who, during the wild dances, refers to a "line of flour", an expression associated with cocaine use.

"I have no idea why that was said and what it was referring to," Marin said.

There are already those who point the finger at supposed Russian


, given Marin's hard positions against


: not only has he accelerated - together with the president of


- his country's entry into


, but he has recently been one of the first leaders in Europe to speak

out in favor of a ban on Russian tourism throughout Europe


Last Tuesday, the Finnish government announced that the number of visas granted to Russians will be reduced by 90 percent from September 1.

"Of course, I am not going to comment on where these videos were recorded or who recorded them, because they are private spaces," said Marin, who considers "sad that they have come to public light."

Marin has already suffered a barrage of criticism after she attended a rock festival, accused of spending more time partying than governing.

Also, on the contrary, there were those who praised her informal style.

"A Rainbow Family"

Born in 1985, Marin's parents split up with her still in diapers.

She has only seen her father, an alcoholic, once since then.

"If you ask me if I feel like I have a father, my answer is no," she famously said in an interview with



"I didn't grow up with him and would say I don't have a father."

Marin was raised by her mother and the woman who became her new partner, a "rainbow family" as she likes to say.

The prime minister was the first in her family to attend university, where she graduated in Administrative Sciences.

In 2006, not yet 21,

Sanna Marin

entered politics through the door on the left by joining the

Social Democratic Party

, of which she would become vice-president in 2010. Her political career has been dazzling: mayor of


(the third city of the country) at 28, deputy at 29, Minister of Transport and Communications at 33, head of government the following year.

Immediately after her appointment, in 2019, she was disparagingly called a "saleswoman" by the outgoing Home Secretary.

Marin shrugged, "So what? Most young people today work in a store or other low-paying jobs to support themselves."

Then she tweeted a post that has already become history: "In


a poor child can study and a former saleswoman can become prime minister."

In this

totus politicus

, Marin married the former footballer in 2020 "So? Most young people who grow up work in a store or other low-paying jobs to support themselves."

Later, she posted a post on Twitter that has already made history: "In Finland a poor child can study and a former saleswoman can become prime minister."

In this totus politicus, Marín found the time to marry in 2020 the former soccer player

Markus Räikkönen

, her boyfriend since high school and with whom she had had a girl two years earlier,



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