China News Service, August 18th, according to a comprehensive Russian media report, Starbucks coffee shop will reopen in Russia under the new name "Stars Coffee".

The "Stars Coffee" store in Moscow is scheduled to open on the 18th local time.

A young man plays the guitar as other students wait for exams in front of a Starbucks street cafe closed due to sanctions on June 2, 2022 in Moscow, Russia.

  A girl wearing a traditional Russian headdress will replace the mermaid-like image in the original brand identity, the report said.

  According to reports, Starbucks has been operating in Russia since 2007. Starbucks announced in March that it had suspended all commercial activities in Russia due to the impact of Western sanctions against Russia. In May, it announced its decision to withdraw from the Russian market.

  In July, Russian rapper and entrepreneur Timati announced to cooperate with Russian entrepreneur Binsky to acquire and take over all Starbucks assets in Russia.