According to an internal report by the Ukrainian government, Ukraine was involved in a series of explosions in Crimea, which was unilaterally annexed by Russia.

As the tense situation continues, UN Secretary-General Guterres will arrive in Ukraine and will hold talks with President Zelensky and others on the 18th.

Since last week, a series of explosions have occurred at Russian military bases and ammunition depots on the Crimea peninsula in southern Ukraine.

Russia, which unilaterally annexed Crimea eight years ago, has said it was sabotaged for Saturday's ammunition depot explosion, although the Ukrainian government has not officially acknowledged its involvement.

Under these circumstances, CNN TV reported on the 17th that Ukraine was involved in the series of explosions, based on the contents of an internal report shared by the Ukrainian government.

According to CNN, the Ukrainian side said in a report that "the March 9 explosion was a painful but one-time loss for Russia," but that "the ensuing strikes undermined Ukraine's coordinated military capability to target Crimea." It's proof," he said.

Meanwhile, UN Secretary-General António Guterres arrived in Lviv, western Ukraine, on the 17th.

On the 18th, he will hold a tripartite meeting with President Zelensky of Ukraine and President Erdogan of Turkey, and an individual meeting with President Zelensky is scheduled to exchange views on pending issues surrounding the situation in Ukraine.

Eastern Kharkiv Russian forces shell apartment complex

At least seven people were killed and 16 injured when a three-story apartment building in Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine, was hit by shelling by Russian forces, the Ukrainian Emergency Agency said on social media on the 17th.

Footage from the scene shows firefighters spraying water onto the burning building.

A resident woman said, ``There was a bang and gray smoke was rising.The stairs were crumbling and the residents were helping each other.There are about 50 people living here.''

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky posted a statement on social media condemning the attack, saying: "This is a brutal attack on civilians and can never be justified. Attacks on civilians show the powerlessness of the aggressor. We will definitely retaliate." I will.”