(International Observation) Yin Xiyue announced the "report card" for the 100-day ruling. What challenges will the new government face in the future?

  China News Agency, Seoul, August 17th: Yin Xiyue announced the "transcript" for the 100th day in power. How many challenges will the new government face in the future?

  China News Agency reporter Liu Xu

  On the 17th local time, South Korean President Yoon Seok-wook celebrated the 100th day of his inauguration.

At the press conference held on the same day, Yin Xiyue reviewed and sorted out the work achievements in the past 100 days in power, saying that in the future, she will continue to base itself on all goals and directions for the people.

Observers analyzed and pointed out that since taking office, Yin Xiyue has completed the relocation of the Presidential Palace of South Korea from the Blue House to Yongsan, implemented reforms in various fields of economy and politics, and attended many multilateral diplomatic activities. "It also faces governance challenges from various fields of domestic and foreign affairs.

100-day "transcript" announced

  On the morning of the 17th local time, Yin Xiyue held a 100-day inaugural press conference at the Presidential Palace in Yongsan, Seoul. This was also the first official press conference for Yin Xiyue during her tenure.

After the press conference, Yin Xiyue first delivered a speech, reviewing the achievements of 100 days in power, and introducing the government's future policy direction.

  Yin Xiyue introduced the measures taken by the new government to restore economic development.

He said that in the crisis of increasing economic uncertainty around the world, the South Korean government has taken methodical measures to save and protect the people's livelihood economy, actively promote future industrial upgrading, and strive to cultivate future strategic industries to ensure the country's economic growth momentum. .

  In terms of internal affairs reform, Yin Xiyue said that as of the end of last month, the government was promoting 1,004 issues of regulation improvement, of which 140 had been improved through the revision of laws and regulations, and 703 had entered the implementation stage of measures taken by competent authorities. , Yin Xiyue mentioned the realization of the South Korea-US summit meeting in the early days of taking office; in response to the peninsula issue, Yin Xiyue said that if North Korea stops developing nuclear weapons, South Korea will provide diplomatic support including promoting the normalization of North Korea-US relations and consider reducing conventional weapons.

  In the end, Yin Xiyue emphasized that in the future, she will more conscientiously put the current people's livelihood first, and fully tap South Korea's economic growth momentum and future development potential.

The outside world's "score" is mixed

  In response to the "transcript" submitted by the new government, the Korean public opinion circles hold various opinions.

  Song Taiho, president of the Korean Scholars Association, said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency that the current global economic environment is facing a crisis. Under such circumstances, the Yin Xiyue government quickly introduced a series of countermeasures to help solve the supply and demand dilemma in the semiconductor industry and other fields. South Korea's exports still play a stimulating role in economic development.

It is believed that the South Korean government can follow the global economic trend and lead the continuous development of South Korea's free market economy and innovative industries.

  At the same time, the real situation of rising domestic prices and rising inflation risks in South Korea has attracted a lot of criticism to the Yin Xiyue government, and its measures in the fields of personnel appointment and education reform have also caused controversy. Some radical statements in the field of diplomatic security also lead to negative reviews.

  Regarding the performance of the new South Korean government in the diplomatic field, Huang Zaihao, president of the South Korean Institute for Global Strategic Cooperation, said bluntly in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency, "High-level officials of the Yin Xiyue government have made some irresponsible comments on issues such as the peninsula issue and Northeast Asia cooperation. The remarks reflect the immaturity of the new government's conception in the diplomatic field."

Future challenges test ruling wisdom

  Before running for the presidency of South Korea, Yin Xiyue worked in the South Korean procuratorial system for 25 years. From the announcement of her participation in the presidential election in June 2021 to her election, Yin Xiyue has been in politics for less than a year.

Therefore, some commented that the severe challenges faced by this "political amateur" are self-evident.

  South Korea's domestic polling data also seems to confirm this view.

For a period of time, Yin Xiyue's policy praise rate has hovered around 30%.

Some South Korean media pointed out that although the poll data is only within the scope of 1,000 people and cannot fully reflect the public sentiment, the negative evaluations exposed during the period still need to be paid attention to by the new government.

  Analysts pointed out that the challenges faced by the Yin Xiyue government in the future are mainly in two aspects: First, the comprehensive economic crisis of high prices, high interest, and high exchange rates has made the business environment opaque, the economic burden of the people is increasing, and the global economic depression has affected the Korean economy. The outlook for the impact of exports is also unclear; on the other hand, it is how to find an appropriate development path for South Korea in the field of geopolitics and security.

  In this regard, Huang Zaihao analyzed that the Yin Xiyue government has only been in power for a hundred days, and it is still not fully prepared for some problems.

Regarding how to solve the current contradictions and increase its approval rate in the future, the Yin Xiyue government must show its governing wisdom and meet a new round of tests.