"You have been cleaning the environment between the cliffs for many years, caring for the thousand-year-old welcoming pine day after day, and guarding the beautiful Huangshan with your heart and affection, which fully reflects the dedication and dedication."

  On August 13, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote back to "good Chinese people" Li Peisheng and Hu Xiaochun, encouraging them to continue to play a role as good role models, actively spread truth, goodness, beauty and positive energy.

  On the top of Mount Huangshan, welcome guests by the pine bank.

Taking the general secretary's reply with both hands, "good people in China" Li Peisheng and Hu Xiaochun burst into tears.

  Li Peisheng is a sanitation rope releaser in Huangshan Scenic Area.

The job involves picking up plastic bags that wind down the valley, and items dropped by tourists on the cliffs.

△Li Peisheng is carrying out sanitation work.

  "For me at that time, it was unfamiliar and frightening to let go of the rope. The cliffs had a large vertical drop that was more than a dozen stories high, and the first time I went down, my body shivered." Li Peisheng recalled the first time he "flyed over the eaves and walked the walls", which Li Peisheng will never forget.

  After professional training and field operation, Li Peisheng is very familiar with this job, and he can walk on the cliff with a rope.

During the peak tourist season, he has to put down the rope seven or eight times a day, and it takes about an hour to go up and down, which is a great test of physical strength and endurance.

  For more than 20 years, Li Peisheng has accumulated a height of 1,800 kilometers, which is equivalent to 200 summits of Mount Everest.

△ Every two hours, Hu Xiaochun will inspect the welcoming pine.

  A person guards a pine tree for 12 years.

This is the story of Hu Xiaochun, a "good man in China".

  In order to better protect the welcoming pine, the Huangshan Scenic Area sent a special person to provide 24-hour special "care" to the welcoming pine.

So far, among all the "pine keepers", although Hu Xiaochun is the youngest, his years of keeping the pine is the second longest.

  In addition to observing the bark, shoots, branches, and crown tops, Hu Xiaochun's daily inspections are so fine that he doesn't even miss pine needles.

  Li Peisheng and Hu Xiaochun have known each other for many years, and dedication and dedication are their common characteristics.

Recently, they participated in an ecological civilization training class together.

When the two were learning the concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", they came up with the idea of ​​writing a letter to General Secretary Xi Jinping.

In the letter to the general secretary, Li Peisheng and Hu Xiaochun expressed their determination to protect the beautiful Huangshan Mountain and build a beautiful China.

  "I didn't expect that General Secretary Xi Jinping would reply to us. This huge encouragement is not only for the two of us, but also for Huangshan and all the 'good Chinese people'." Li Peisheng and Hu Xiaochun, who received the letter, moved forward. Powerful.

  A piece of letter, caring thousands.

  The "good Chinese people" mentioned by the general secretary in the letter are mortal heroes with great ambitions.

  Helping others, being brave, honest and trustworthy, dedication, filial piety to the elderly and loving relatives... The "I Recommend Me to Review Good People Around You" activity hosted by the Central Civilization Office has been carried out for more than 10 years.

Li Peisheng and Hu Xiaochun were selected as "Good People in China" in the category of dedication and dedication in 2012 and 2021.

  So far, 150 issues of "China's Good People List" have been released, and a total of 16,228 people (groups) have been selected.

They are the epitome of the good deeds of thousands of ordinary people.

  Fu Guozhong, a 94-year-old retired teacher in Hainan, donated more than 10 million yuan from his family to the education cause in his hometown; He Mingquan and Duan Pingyou, sixty-nine-year-old elders in Chongqing, saved their lives in the turbulent flood; Died of work, voluntary organ donation... In the second quarter of 2022, "China Good People List", 151 people (groups) were honored on the list.

They abandon themselves and take care of everyone, stick to their posts with their original intentions, and use their sense of responsibility and dedication.

  "Good Chinese people" do extraordinary things with a normal heart, use small love to condense great love in the world, and set a civilized model, spiritual example and action guide for the broad masses of the people.

  Netizens commented: "They are the heroes around them, they are the backbone of the times."

  "Drive more people around you to be good, carry forward the core values ​​of socialism, strive to be a good citizen of the society, a good employee of the unit, and a good member of the family, and dedicate your light and heat to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation." In giving Li Peisheng , In Hu Xiaochun's reply, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote this.

  The power of example is being translated into vivid practice by hundreds of millions of people.

  In the past two days, the news that "a family of three rushed to save people in a car accident in the desert, and a 9-year-old baby helped people to shade" has been on the hot search.

"The vehicle rolled into the desert. It was a car accident! Go and save people!" A group of tourists traveling in Xinjiang encountered a car accident on the highway. They quickly got out of the car to help. A 9-year-old boy took the initiative to take out the blanket on the car to save the injured. shade.

In the end, four people in the accident were rescued successfully.

Netizens praised it and sent congratulations.

  Recently, the highest temperature in many places in Zhejiang reached above 40 ℃, setting a record high.

The continuous high temperature has brought great challenges to outdoor workers.

At Ningbo Zhoushan Port, a group of vehicle inspectors wore long coats and trousers with cuffs fastened. They also wore two pairs of gloves during critical periods to prevent burns from the car skin.

They stood up to their posts under the scorching sun, and used their hard work to keep the train running safely and smoothly.

  For more than 40 years, he took care of his uncle who was ill, and took care of his adoptive parents who were seriously ill. The stories of "filial piety to the elderly and loving relatives" are widely circulated.

  The gentle breeze of virtue and kindness blows the land of China.

  "To realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, material wealth must be greatly enriched, as well as spiritual wealth. We must continue to persevere and consistently do a good job in the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, and provide strong ideas for the continuous advancement of the people of all ethnic groups in the country. Guarantee, strong spiritual strength, rich moral nourishment.”

  The people have faith, the country has strength, and the nation has hope.

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