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The day at a glance:

Hot July: We need to talk about the weather.

That, as we learned yesterday, is a wonderful topic for small talk.

But what is coming now has nothing to do with casual small talk.

Our author Peter Badenhop has evaluated the July weather data and, not surprisingly, comes to the following conclusions:

July was too hot, too sunny and much too dry.

With a monthly average of 22.0 degrees, it was 3.1 degrees above the long-term normal of 18.9 degrees and even slipped into the top ten of the warmest July months since records began at the weather station at the airport.

It is still two whole degrees behind the record July of 2006.

Want more numbers?

July was the eleventh month in a row with an increase in temperature - and the fifth in a row with an increase of at least three degrees.

And even if a few drops of rain dripped onto the asphalt today and evaporated again immediately - the precipitation cannot quickly make up for what has been missing for weeks.

At 15.3 millimeters, not even a quarter of the usual precipitation fell in July.

That makes it the third driest in more than 70 years.

Season ticket holders are threatened with expulsion

: It is the maximum penalty that a Eintracht fan with a season ticket faces: termination of the ticket contract.

But that's exactly what is in store for some fans who are said to have tried to sell tickets on the black or gray market.

As Eintracht announced, the club wants to crack down on those who put the tickets on the black market.

100 cases were identified in which 320 tickets, mainly for games against FC Barcelona, ​​against West Ham United and for the final in Seville against Glasgow Rangers, were offered for sale via portals such as Ebay, Ebay classifieds and other platforms .

What Philipp Reschke, board member at Eintracht Frankfurt, has to say on the subject doesn't sound like a cosy-cousin: "Anyone who has the privilege of being able to obtain such tickets for such coveted games at all, to their economic advantage and to the detriment of our fans will have to reckon with lasting consequences, especially in the Champions League season ahead of us.”

Looking for alternatives


Since the amount of the gas levy has been known, calculations have been made.

In private households – and in the manufacturing industry.

How high could the additional burden be in the worst case?

Where can you save?

The Samson company, which is based in the east of Frankfurt, assumes additional costs of 240,000 euros just from the gas surcharge.

In any case, the company expects that energy costs will double as a result of the increased market prices, to nine million euros a year.

The pipe and hose clamp manufacturer Norma expects additional costs of around 75,000 euros at the Maintal location – and that in the fourth quarter alone.

Our business editors asked around at local companies.

Many have continuously reduced their gas requirements in recent years.

They are also trying to switch to alternatives.

For example, the pharmaceutical manufacturer Boehringer-Ingelheim has built a combined heat and power plant that runs on waste wood.

It is scheduled to go into operation in 2023.

Norma also relies on a new incinerator.

It uses less gas.

Falk Heunemann wrote down how other companies are positioning themselves.


the new President of the Hessian State Parliament


Astrid Wallmann (CDU), welcomed women and children from the Ukraine on one of her first appointments


it is about the questions

of whether the local birds are also fed in summer due to the drought should

and why you can't hear them so much



Rüdesheim cable car now has barrier-free access


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It cools down to values ​​of up to 25 degrees.

During the day it is supposed to rain again and again - sometimes heavy showers have to be expected.



Thursday 18 August

Thomas Klingebiel

, managing director of the Frankfurt association Help for Children with Cancer, former director of the Clinic for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine at the University Hospital Frankfurt (69);

Philip Burchard

, Managing Director of the drug manufacturer Merz Pharma and Chairman of the Board of Partners of the family company, Frankfurt (64);

Johannes Martin Kränzle

, opera and concert singer living in Frankfurt (60);

Stefan Heck

(CDU), Member of the German Bundestag, State Secretary in the Hessian Ministry of the Interior and Sport from 2019 to October 2021 (40);