The Green Party has a rule that the party's top candidates must be replaced after two terms of office.

Now that Ulrika Frick is stepping down, it is Madeleine Jonsson's turn to front the party in the regional board.

Antenatal care is important 

As chairman of the health and medical care board and deputy chairman of the health care board, she already has heavy assignments and recently she pushed through a step towards a more cohesive care chain in maternity care.

The party wants to see midwife-led delivery wards and that the same midwife follows the woman through pregnancy and delivery.

- I have been involved in that issue since 2014, she says.  

The Green Party wants to introduce health consultations in care for everyone over 40 and to shorten the queues they want people to be able to choose a care provider anywhere in Sweden after 30 days.  

Cooperation for green politics 

The Green Party is the Västra Götaland region's eighth largest party with 7 out of 149 mandates.

For the past eight years, they have governed the region together with the four bourgeois parties.

But there is no need to continue like that.  

Who do you prefer to collaborate with?

- With those who give us the opportunity to get the most green policies through.