According to the expert, Berlin could be pushed to take such a step by the ongoing drought of the Rhine, which creates problems for shipping and supplying German power plants with coal.

“This greatly increases the likelihood that in the fall or winter Germany will find itself in an even more difficult situation, and it may have to go to the distribution of energy or the shameful launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline,” RIA Novosti quotes him.

He noted that the German leadership is trying in every possible way to blame the rise in energy prices in the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

However, Kovanda stressed, the policy of "green" and environmentalists should be blamed for the rise in prices.

“It fatally aggravated Germany's dependence on Russian gas,” the observer concluded.

Earlier, the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that in Germany, a growing number of companies have reduced production or closed due to increased gas prices.

According to Compact, residents of Germany may face financial difficulties due to rising gas prices.