• Interview Pedro Ruiz: "What ties you to someone is your soul, not your ass or your pubis (...). I would like to fall in love again"

  • Sincerity Pedro Ruiz: "It is true that a woman left Julio Iglesias to go out with me"

This Wednesday, August 17,

Pedro Ruiz,

one of the most


characters in this country, turns 75 and does so

at the foot of the canyon,

since only a few months ago he performed his latest show,


, in the theaters of Spain .

"The best is yet to come,"

he recently stated in an interview on TVE.

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The explanation for such


is perhaps that habit that he has practiced for more than 40 years of jumping into the water

naked every morning

from the diving board of his swimming pool, even in


, when the thermometer shows zero degrees.

Actor, producer, communicator, writer, lecturer, comedian, singer... Few disciplines can resist this

enfant terrible

impossible to pigeonhole,

who came into the world in post-war Barcelona.

His father, Federico, born in Valladolid,

worked as a driver for the Marquis of Riscal

and his mother, Juana, from Almeria, ran a


and food business.

They had two children, Federico and Pedro, her firstborn, who felt such

devotion to her mother,

that in her last years, as a result of her stroke,

she left the stage to take care

of her. .

Currently based in Madrid, whenever he travels to Barcelona he goes to the

Garraf beach

where his ashes were scattered.

"My mother, when I was a kid, told a Francoist mayor in front of me a phrase that stuck with me: 'Look, I'm free because I decide so, not because you allow me to," he recalls.

After finishing high school,

he enrolled in Law and then in Journalism,

careers that he did not finish because he began his career at RNE Catalunya with the announcer Juan Manuel Soriano at the age of 16, a time from which his

friendship with the late Constantino Romero

and the singer Joan Manuel Serrat.

One of his first experiences was to reproduce the howl of a wolf because

he had to double

a character that transformed into a lycanthrope.

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In the 1970s he made his debut on TVE in the sports program

Estudio Estadio

, but it would be in 1985 when he

swept away with his scathing humor

in the program

Como Pedro por su casa

that he presented with

José Luis Coll and Ana Obregón,

which was followed by the space of interviews

The open night

that remained six seasons on the air.

From then on, Pedro Ruiz became

the parsley of almost all

artistic sauces, in


with 17 solo shows behind him, in


with 16 published books, the last

one To the son I don't have

, in


with three films, being nominated in 1987 for the Goya for Best Actor for his role in

Moors and Christians

of Berlanga, and also in


, as he has recorded albums such as

How good are you Carolina

, even composing songs for Rocío Jurado herself.

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She was a great friend of his, as

Camilo José Cela, Serrat, Sara Montiel, Raphael


Lola Flores

have been , whom he publicly defended in his problems with the Treasury, which earned him

a charge of contempt

by the then head of the Treasury. , Joseph Borrell.

A lover of football, a sport that he has continued to practice with the veterans of Real Madrid and Barça -"I'm from where they give me the ball", he says-, he distances himself from the procés -"in nationalism there are two interested parties and I'm not interested none of them"-, abhors politics

-"I will die without voting"-

and is very

critical of the sensationalism

currently present on television -"that cultural summit called


has already begun ", he joked on Twitter last April-.

In his sentimental life he has also played against, because at 75 years of age he is a

proud bachelor,

although he got married, after a declaration before a notary that he did not believe in the bond, with

Pilar Piniella,

which allowed him to annul the union when In less than a year

the marriage

broke up .

Although his physique is not exactly that of a movie heartthrob,

his love resume is from Guinness,

since he has been associated with beauties such as

María José Cantudo

, the exotic


(former girlfriend of Julio Iglesias),

Sofía Mazagatos


Elsa Anka


Inma del Moral,

Elizabeth Thompson

and even with

Bárbara Rey,

who they say abandoned Ángel Cristo for Pedro Ruiz.

As Mónica Pont, another of his conquests, humorously declared, "Pedro Ruiz's success with women is down."

However, none of his relationships came to fruition, because, according to him,

he always refused to have children.

In top physical and mental shape, so much so that he claims to know 300 phone numbers by heart and has never been admitted to a hospital, the phrase he would choose for his epitaph is simply

"he died alive."

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