"Let's continue our shared growth story," Wolfgang Ollig wrote on his LinkedIn profile a few weeks ago: "Happy to be part of the team."

For more than two years he has been responsible for finances at the generics manufacturer Stada (Grippostad, Mobilat) - and experienced how the Bad Vilbeler group grew strongly even during the Corona crisis and expanded into a global drug supplier through massive brand acquisitions .

Falk Heunemann

Business editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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Ollig earned his doctorate summa cum laude in business administration from the University of Regensburg, after which he worked for McKinsey.

Before moving to Bad Vilbel, he worked for the automotive supplier Hella and then for the medical technician Sivantos for many years.

At Hella, he was responsible for the IPO, among other things.

As has now become known, the CFO of the generics manufacturer Stada died unexpectedly over the weekend.

A spokesman said he was on a bike trip in the Taunus, the death was due to health reasons, occurred suddenly and without outside influence.

The entire workforce in the company was shocked.

The company has set up a virtual book of condolence for them.

A large number of messages of condolences were received there.