It is the day after the fire and restaurant owner Anna Elfman is digesting the news about Tuesday evening's fire at Källo-Knippla outside Öckerö in Gothenburg.

- I can't take it in.

We came here this morning and just saw this devastation, says Anna Elfman.

Hear her tell more and see the destruction at Källö-Knippla in the clip above.

Plans for a new grocery store

In addition to Anna's restaurant, several apartments were also affected as well as the island's only grocery store, which is now completely destroyed.

The home service in Öckerö municipality must now ensure that all users have food, there is also the possibility for those who do not have home service but who used to shop at the grocery store to apply for temporary home service.

- We are also looking at whether it will be a temporary store, so we need the municipality to be quick and give the necessary permits, says Jan Utbult (KD), chairman of the municipal board in Öckerö municipality.