China News Service, August 17. According to Yonhap News Agency, South Korea's Central Epidemic Prevention and Countermeasures Headquarters reported on the 17th that as of 0:00 that day, South Korea had added 180,803 new confirmed cases of new crown compared with 0:00 the previous day, with a total of 21,682,816 confirmed cases.

Data map: In Seoul, South Korea, medical staff test a citizen for the new crown virus.

  According to reports, this is the first time that the number of new cases in a single day has reached a new high in four months since April 13.

The number of new cases in a single day more than doubled from the previous day, 1.2 times that of a week ago (10th) and 1.5 times that of two weeks ago (3rd).

  The epidemic prevention department has predicted that the number of new cases in a single day will peak at more than 200,000 within a month, and then slowly decline.

But whether the number of new cases that day means that the current round of the epidemic has reached its peak, or whether it is a temporary phenomenon, remains to be observed.

  Specifically, among the new cases, there were 180,236 community infections and 567 imported cases.

There were 42 new deaths, an increase of 5 from the previous day, and a total of 25,752 deaths, with an average fatality rate of 0.12%.

There are 469 critically ill patients, a decrease of 94 cases from the previous day.