President Yoon Seok-yeol said today (17th), "In the meantime, there has been support from the people, and there have been harsh reprimands.

In his remarks at the first press conference held in the briefing room of the presidential office in Yongsan today on the 100th day of his inauguration, President Yoon said, "I looked back over a year since I started politics during my last vacation, and even now on the 100th day of my inauguration, the beginning, the people, and the direction are I am engraving in my heart that the people and the goal are also the people,” he said.

President Yoon emphasized, "People's safety is the nation's unlimited responsibility. I will take care of it until the end until the people are relieved."

"People are suffering a lot of pain and damage from the recent heavy rains," President Yoon said.

He added, "In this disaster situation, we will take basic flood prevention measures and housing measures so that the common people and the socially disadvantaged do not suffer more."

President Yoon also said, "The government has been trying to revive the economy of the people while systematically responding to the crisis situation where the instability of the global economy is increasing. I've been working on it," he said.

President Yun continued, "

Regarding the 'bold initiative', he said, "We have announced a comprehensive plan that includes diplomatic support for the normalization of U.S.-DPRK-U.S. relations, discussions on disarmament of conventional weapons systems, food, agricultural technology, medical care, infrastructure support, and financial and international investment support." added.