China News Service, August 17. According to Kyodo News, Japan's Shueisha announced on the 15th that it will release the 18th volume of the latest single volume of "Cherry Maruko" on October 25.

"Sakura Maruko" is the representative work of the manga artist Momoko who passed away in August 2018.

"Cherry Maruko" stills.

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  Shueisha revealed that the single book was made into a manga by Kohagi Botan, who has been an assistant for a long time.

It includes 7 new works including "The Legend of the Fairy's Feather Clothes".

  It is reported that the single book of "Cherry Maruko" was completed after the release of the 17th volume in December 2018, and this time it came out again after about 4 years.

  SAKURA PRODUCTION said, "Sakurako wants to keep the script she wrote through comics and start drawing little by little, hoping to inherit her legacy and present it to everyone in a new form."