▲ Famous Italian rapper Jordan (left) and Trapic, who committed a racist crime

As the issue of racism in Italian society gradually surfaced, racist crimes occurred again.

According to Italian daily Rastampa, 25-year-old Jordan and 26-year-old Trapic were arrested by the police on charges of robbery and racism.

Both are famous Italian rappers, with double trafficking with a robbery, Rastampa said.

They are accused of stealing bicycles and bags by threatening a 41-year-old Nigerian worker with a knife after he got off a train at Carnate Station in the northern Italian province of Lombardy.

The crime video that Jordan took and posted on social media showed Trafic chasing a Nigerian worker wielding a weapon.

A Nigerian worker who had put down his bicycle and bag and fled, moved to the opposite platform and appealed for it to be returned.

Trafik then stabbed a bicycle tire with his knife and threw it into the track, shouting, "We're going to kill you, because you're black."

In Italy, controversy over racism is heating up last month, with a Nigerian migrant street vendor being assaulted and killed by a white man.

It was a tragedy that took place in broad daylight, and there were a lot of people around, but no one stopped the crime, raising anger.

Because Italy faces the northern African coastline, it is a country that is particularly concerned about the influx of African migrants in Europe.

As if reflecting the gradually spreading anti-immigrant trend, in Italy, the far-right forces that promised a tough immigration policy in the early general election on September 25 are expected to win a majority of seats in both the House and the Senate.

(Photo=Capture from Rastampa website, Yonhap News)