This summer in France, forest fires are increasing and with them, their share of arrests.

Because if there are fires that start by accident, others are launched voluntarily by malicious individuals.

For each new departure, law enforcement investigates its origins.

Twenty people suspected of being arsonists have already been arrested since the beginning of the summer (26 according to

Le Figaro

, 25 according to BFMTV).

BFMTV specifies that among these individuals, four have already received a conviction and six have been remanded in custody.

Two of these arrests made the rounds of the media.

The first is that of a 44-year-old man on July 28 who admitted to being the source of several fires in Ardèche.

The same day, in the Hérault, a volunteer firefighter admitted to the investigators having lit several fires in particular by "excitement".

In order to prevent other arsonists from taking action, a "forest vigilance platoon" has been set up, with bikers crisscrossing the forest, indicates BFMTV, while

Le Figaro

specifies that several gendarmerie helicopters have also flew over certain high-risk sectors, to deter any new malicious acts.

The "privileged criminal track" in the fires in Ardèche

The suspect in the Landiras fire already worried about a fire in 2012

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