China News Service, August 16. According to the WeChat official account of the Chinese Embassy in Armenia, at about 13:23 local time on August 14, an explosion occurred in the "Surmaru" market at No. 15 Аршакуняц Street, Yerevan City. A fire broke out and some buildings collapsed.

It was initially determined that the cause of the incident was that the merchant stored inflammable and explosive items in the warehouse in violation of safety regulations, which caused an explosion due to the high temperature in summer.

  As of 15:00 on August 15, the explosion had killed 6 people, injured more than 60 people, and 19 people were missing. There was no casualty or disappearance of Chinese citizens.

  The embassy in Armenia reminds Chinese citizens in Armenia to avoid going to the accident site and crowded areas, to increase vigilance, strengthen security precautions, and ensure personal and property safety.

  In addition, the recent rebound of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Armenia.

On August 15, according to the CDC of the Asian Ministry of Health, there were 1,713 new confirmed cases in Asia in the past week, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases reached 430,361. A total of 2,162 people are currently hospitalized.

  The embassy in Armenia once again reminds Chinese citizens in Asia to pay close attention to the changes in the local epidemic situation and the epidemic information and latest requirements issued by the official departments in Asia, strictly abide by the local epidemic prevention regulations, improve the awareness of epidemic prevention and control, and effectively prevent the epidemic.

Continue to adhere to the "non-essential, no travel" principle, especially avoiding unnecessary long-distance international travel.

If international travel is indeed necessary, risks should be fully assessed and precautions should be taken.