China News Service, August 16. According to Taiwan's "Central News Agency" report, 12 Taiwanese people who went to work in Cambodia were trafficked, and 9 people were rescued and returned to Taiwan. After investigation, 1 man was a member of the Human Snake Group.

The Taiwan Police Criminal Bureau said on the evening of the 15th that the police had detected suspected cases of cross-border human trafficking groups, and 4 cases were related to the Zhulian Gang.

  On the 14th, nine suspected victims of human trafficking returned to Taiwan from Thailand.

Taoyuan District Prosecutor's Office Prosecutor Lin Yufen re-examined on the 15th, and 8 of them were initially identified as victims who had been defrauded to leave the country after identification.

The other man, surnamed He, is a member of a local gang in New Taipei City. He is considered to be involved in making people leave the country with intent to defraud, participate in the organization, and use rape, coercion, etc. to make people engage in work that is not equivalent to labor. He was arrested in court and applied for custody.

  According to a press release issued by the Criminal Bureau, according to statistics, various police agencies have detected suspected cases of cross-border human trafficking groups, and 4 cases have been found to be related to the Zhulian Gang, and 6 people have been approved by prosecutors.

  For example, the first and largest human trafficking case in Taiwan was recently detected. The main suspect is a suspect surnamed Li, a member of the Dongtang Dongxinhui of the Zhulian Gang, who is suspected of job-seeking fraud in Cambodia and has been detained by the court.

In other cases, the police are continuing to trace the source.

  In response to some media reports that "the Bamboo Union gang rescued more than 20 people", the Criminal Bureau stated that after investigation, they were all different from the facts.

  The Criminal Bureau stated that no matter whether it is a gang or an organization of a hidden political party, it is difficult to change the nature of its evil and chaos. Taking the aforementioned examples, the gang recruiting human trafficking in Taiwan is the mouth of the Zhulian Gangtang, threatening to be responsible for rescue overseas. It is also the Bamboo Union Gang. The gang is divided into ghosts and ghosts in an attempt to polish the image, beautify the image, and underestimate the wisdom of the public.