In an interview with the Prime agency, the expert said that, first of all, the world is waiting for a global recession in 2023.

“The energy and food crises, record global inflation and falling incomes of the population, the fastest tightening of monetary policy by world central banks in 20 years, geopolitical contradictions, new waves of the pandemic — all these factors are leading to a rapid deterioration in economic conditions in the world,” Vasilyev said.

In addition, the analyst predicted a deepening economic downturn due to the risk of falling oil prices in 2023.

Vasilyev expressed his confidence that Russia will cope better than others with the coming crisis around the world.

Also, the global crisis, the expert stressed, will have little effect on Asian countries.

Earlier, the Central Bank of Russia did not rule out a recurrence in the global economy of a financial crisis comparable in scale to the crisis of 2007-2008.

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö has warned of an imminent economic downturn in Europe.