China News Service, August 16. According to the US "World Journal" report, recently, there have been frequent incidents of broken windows and thefts in Chinatown, San Francisco, USA.

In the face of a series of security blows, small businesses in Chinatown questioned why the security issue was so bad.

Shao Qiqian, president of the Chinatown Merchants Association, said that the police patrolling during the day in Chinatown has increased, and the law and order is much better than before.

In the face of Chinatown's security issues, don't complain, but use practical actions to change.

And look at things positively, negative emotions can't solve any problems.

  World Journal reporters visited small businesses in Chinatown in San Francisco on the 14th.

When it comes to the security of Chinatown, Lily, the owner of a clothing store, and May, the owner of a jewelry store on Duban Street in Chinatown, were interviewed at the door of the store for a short time. After that, we stopped to talk.

  They questioned, why is the law and order so bad?

There are frequent incidents of smashing cars and breaking windows, and Asian elders are attacked. Considering the security, they hurriedly close the store and leave work at 5 pm every day.

Lily regretted that when she first arrived in the United States in the early 1990s, she could walk freely in Chinatown at 2 am.

But now, she points to the store next door, saying that because of security issues, they are afraid to open the door on Sunday to welcome customers.

  Mr. Chen, the owner of a long-established bakery in Chinatown, said that because he was preparing for the 60th anniversary of the store recently, he was often busy in the store until 2:00 to 3:00 in the morning.

During this period, I saw many times that a gang of four or five people wanted to steal from Chinatown merchants.

  He sighed that the security of Chinatown at night is worrying. Even if the police force has been increased in Chinatown, but the overall police force in San Francisco is limited, it is impossible for the police to guard Chinatown all the time.

Therefore, merchants should unite, watch each other, and reject the practice of "sweeping the snow before each door".

He said that because the merchants in Chinatown do not understand the language, and most of them are older, they do not understand the language of the police, so those who do not have personal injuries just swallow it up.

  During the reporter's visit to Chinatown, he encountered police officers patrolling the streets many times.

Officer Li said that at present, the Central Police Bureau has increased the police force for the security of Chinatown, and four patrolling police officers are patrolling around the clock.

And the police department is expanding multilingual certified officers, including Chinese, to address reporting by elders or immigrants without language skills.

  Police Officer Moreno called on businesses in Chinatown to communicate more with the police, not to be afraid of the police, and to stand up for any troubles and injuries.

  Shao Qiqian, president of the Merchant Association, which represents 140 merchants in San Francisco Chinatown, said that the current public security situation in San Francisco Chinatown is much better than two years ago.

With the solidarity and voice of the merchants, the Central Police Station has increased the police force for daytime patrols in Chinatown.

  He said that crime happened in Chinatown almost every day before, and now the police have driven the stolen "child party" out of Chinatown.

He called on small businesses in Chinatown to strengthen their anti-theft awareness and install night anti-theft systems.

The most important thing is to unite as one, San Francisco Chinatown is a lot better in comparison when the law and order in the United States is getting worse.

When encountering a sudden security problem, if you want to help others, you should also stand up and make positive changes yourself. Don’t always complain from the perspective of a victim. Negative emotions can’t solve any problems.

  According to the reflections of small merchants in Chinatown and the introduction of Shao Qiqian, the biggest challenge facing merchants at present is that the economy has not recovered after the epidemic.

And many businesses have not reopened after being closed during the epidemic.

But the current trend is positive, with more and more tourists visiting Chinatown.

If Chinatown's public security and environmental sanitation are further strengthened, it will be more conducive to the economic recovery of San Francisco Chinatown.

(Li Yi)