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The Apple Watch SE allows you to follow your health at any time of the day thanks to its heart rate monitor.

A connected watch now discounted at Amazon.


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Monitor your health at a glance with the Apple Watch SE, a connected watch more accessible than ever with its discount at Amazon.

This high-performance device goes from 299 euros to 269 euros with a payment in four monthly installments of 67.25 euros available


Are you a Prime member?

Good news, the Apple Watch SE is coming to you tomorrow thanks to express delivery!

Not yet a member?

The subscription is 6.99 euros / month or 69.90 euros / year after a 30-day free trial to discover the advantages of the service like Prime Video.

Fall for a connected watch dedicated to health with a score of 4.8 out of 5 from 4,900 customers with great technologies available to monitor your heart rate.

Monitor essential information about your well-being with the superior quality screen with many compatible applications.

Something to stay in shape all year round!

Do not miss this discount, it is temporary.

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The Apple Watch SE is on sale at Amazon

The Apple Watch SE is a connected watch equipped with a GPS to follow your route or make a route during your outdoor running sessions.

You can also answer calls or messages directly from your wrist.

The device's OLED display makes it easy to see essential information at a glance with state-of-the-art sensors to track stats in an effort to achieve your goals.

Its functionalities monitor your health with a Sleep application to set up a sleep routine while following the evolution of your rest.

Track your progress every day with the Fitness app on your iPhone.

With the heart rate monitor,

keep an eye on your heart rate and remember to activate notifications to be alerted in case of high, low heart rate or arrhythmia.

The connected watch features a beautiful sporty design to adapt to all looks!

Click here to take advantage of the offer on the Apple Watch SE

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