The Turkish Baykar Military Manufacturing Company revealed the volume of its monthly production of "Bayraktar TB2" and "Akinci" drones, and explained that it has accumulated orders for years and is linked to manufacturing contracts with many countries.

The company announced - yesterday, Saturday - that it is currently able to build 20 drones per month, and that it has accumulated orders for three years.

"Copies of the Bayraktar TB2 and Akinci aircraft are being produced, and we have a demand for both," said the company's CEO, Haluk Bayraktar.

This came in an interview with the Ukrainian "Kom Pak Alive" Foundation, noting that the Baykar company supplies Ukraine with unmanned aerial vehicles.

Bayraktar said the company has contracts to export Bayraktar TB2 with 22 different countries.

According to Bloomberg News Agency, Baykar is looking to increase its production capacity, and hopes to achieve this through a factory in Ukraine. Bayraktar said that the company is assembling its products in Ukraine, noting that work is underway to establish a research facility and an advanced production center, adding: We consider Ukraine a strategic partner, and we seek to make Ukraine an industrial base."

Since the outbreak of the war, Turkey has succeeded in maintaining its relations with both Ukraine and Russia, choosing the path of mediation rather than supporting either side at the expense of the other.

Earlier, the British Guardian newspaper reported that the Bayraktar plane is the "decisive factor in changing the rules of the game" in the current war in Ukraine.

It was quoted by more than one military official and expert that this model of aircraft has become tempting inside and outside Britain.

According to Baykar officials, the "TP" model has unique features and great combat capabilities, which are as follows:

  • The most powerful and highest combat capabilities in the world among the aircraft in its class, as it continues to fly for 1 hour and 16 minutes.

  • The pneumatic engine of the TP model (2 x 750) has a combined power of 1500 hp.

  • It has a long endurance at high altitudes.

  • It carries radar, developed by ASELSAN, "communication systems" (Beyond Line of Sight) and electronic support systems, and will be able to collect information by recording data it receives from sensors and cameras on the plane.

  • The new model has an artificial intelligence system that can detect the angles of inclination, standing and direction of the aircraft without the need for any external sensors or GPS.

  • The aircraft has an environmental awareness system, and thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence system, it has the ability to make decisions on its own by processing the data it obtains.

  • It can detect very accurate ground targets, and deal with them more effectively.