DRC: Bunagana in the hands of the M23 for two months, no way out in sight

A group of asylum seekers from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) at the Bunagana border post in Uganda, November 10, 2021 following a deadly fight between M23 rebels and DRC troops.

(Illustration) AFP - BADRU KATUMBA

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It has been two months since the town of Bunagana and a few other localities in Rutshuru territory (North Kivu) have been occupied by M23 fighters.

The military solution is stalling and the diplomatic option is not advancing.

This situation has poisoned relations between Kinshasa and Kigali.

Paul Kagame is accused of supporting this movement.

A roadmap meant to lead to de-escalation was signed in early July by Congolese and Rwandan authorities in Luanda, Angola, but it has still not resulted in a ceasefire on the ground.


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With our correspondent in Kinshasa,

Patient Ligodi

The city of Bunagana has been

administered by the M23 for

sixty days .

All exit points are carefully checked.

Moreover, the M23 board gives no indication of its desire to leave Bunagana.

He claims to have ceased fire and says he is still waiting for the government to open a dialogue before considering anything. 

The M23 also says it has no plans to advance and occupy other towns and locations in the region.

However, about ten days ago,

fighting was reported

by the Congolese army and UN sources around the Rumangabo military camp.

For its part, the government is not ready for a dialogue with the M23, which it considers a terrorist group.

He still maintains, basing himself on the recent report of United Nations experts, that the M23 resists only because it receives support from Kigali. 

Thus, the Congolese authorities are waiting for the UN Security Council to put pressure on

Paul Kagame

, the Rwandan president, especially given the lack of results obtained by the sub-regional organizations in the talks held under the aegis of Kenya and from Angola.


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