Before the fire that broke out today, Sunday, in the Abu Sefein Church in Imbaba, Greater Cairo, Egypt, which left dozens of victims, several churches in Egypt in the past ten years were exposed to multiple fires, most of which were accidental.

The following are the most prominent fires that occurred during that period:

March 2011

  • A fire broke out in the church of the two martyrs, St. George and Marmina, in the village of Sol in Atfih Center, Giza Governorate.

July 2013

  • A fire broke out in the Monastery of the Virgin and Anba Abram in Delga, Minya Governorate, Upper Egypt.

  • In August of the same year, a huge fire broke out in the Church of the Archangel Michael in Kerdasa in Giza Governorate.

  • In the same month, unknown assailants burned the St. George Church in Al-Arish, the oldest church in North Sinai. The fire was then attributed to terrorists.

August 2022

  • A huge fire broke out in Abu Seifin Church in Imbaba, Giza Governorate, killing and wounding dozens.