A British teenage boy who fled after stealing a car has been caught hiding in a giant teddy bear from police.

On the 11th local time, the BBC and local media reported that Joshua Dobson (18), a resident of Rochdale, England, was arrested by the police while hiding in a large teddy bear.

Previously, Joshua Dobson was wanted on charges of stealing a parked car in May and refueling it at a gas station the same day without paying.

Last month, local police raided Joshua's house to apprehend him, but as he was about to leave the scene, no matter how much he looked around, he found a human-sized teddy bear in the corner of the house.

Upon closer inspection of the doll's breath-like movements, Joshua was hiding, and police arrested him at the scene.

A local police spokesperson said, "When we went to arrest him, we found a huge teddy bear in the house and a suspect hidden in it," and released a photo of the scene through the official SNS.

Enlarging an image

Enlarging an image

In the photos released by the police, the back of the teddy bear was torn to expose the cotton.

The police said, "The suspect is currently incarcerated after being sentenced to nine months in prison on charges of vehicle theft, driving without a license, and free fuel."

Local netizens who saw Joshua Dobson's absurd stealth technique responded, "There is no comedy," "How to get inside the teddy bear," and "The police who caught it are really amazing."

(Photo: Manchester Rochdale Police Department, Joshua Dobson Facebook)