In connection with the FBI's search for the home of former U.S. President Donald Trump, local media reported that the FBI's search and seizure targets included classified documents related to nuclear weapons.

The Washington Post (WP) reported on the 12th local time, citing a source familiar with the investigation, that classified documents related to nuclear weapons were included in the search and seizure targets of the FBI.

However, it did not say whether the FBI retrieved the classified documents through a search and seizure or whether the documents were related to nuclear weapons of the United States or other countries.

"There are concerns among experts about the possibility that such confidential information may be stored at the home of former President Trump and the risk of it being passed on to hostile forces," the WP said.

In a post on his social media 'Truth Social', former President Trump strongly protested, saying, "The nuclear weapons issue, like any other investigation into me, is a hoax."

On the 8th, when the FBI seized and searched his home on the 8th, he disclosed it to the public, and attacked it as a 'witch hunt' and 'political investigation'.

Former President Donald Trump is being investigated by federal prosecutors for allegedly exposing many of the White House's classified documents while leaving office in January last year.

During the investigation, a special committee of the House of Representatives investigating the invasion of the 1/6 Capitol confirmed that some of Trump's records were damaged and some were taken to his home.

Exported materials are 'national secrets'

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