Getting used to gender language is not easy for everyone.

Submitting to her even less.

One can count one's luck if a gender linguist only smiles at him as linguistically old school and patronizingly says that the generic masculine noun will grow out or die out.

That's a good thing, because language changes and everyone should formulate "gender-fair" or "gender-sensitive".

Inclusion demands sacrifices

Anyone who refuses to do so is dull, morally not up to par and gets a point deduction in the exam, if not at school then at university or fails: non-gender, sit, six.

Inclusion demands a few victims.

Maybe many too.

Of course, more is needed to enforce language against the will of a large majority.

Authorities and politicians therefore go ahead in a gender-conscious manner and write letters with an inside i, double dot or gender asterisk.

"Please gender," said the former Environment Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, Anne Spiegel, on the press release with which she said goodbye to responsibility on the day of the flood disaster on the Ahr, in which more than 130 people died.

And the radio – not just the public one, but the one in particular – also tells us something.

Here comes the "intensive care nurse"

The “German Language Association” is currently sending a concise example to the Twitter world.

We see and hear how Stefan Fuckert, moderator of the "Lokalzeit Südwestfalen" on WDR, very affectionately questions a fire chief from the voluntary fire brigade, who impresses him (and us too) very much - whether her voluntary commitment to society and her main job.

She is, says Fuckert, "intensive care nurse".

That might have been a slip of the tongue, we think at first.

With the second “intensive care nurse”, as which the moderator, or rather: the moderator, calls the fire chief, we no longer think so.

If not only the nurse, but also the nurse needs an "in" afterwards, then it is a clear case of - intensive gender.

For an "average Siegerland", as the WDR describes the presenter (or the moderator?) of the "Lokalzeit", Stefan Fuckert, on its website, he is "above average eloquent".

Whatever that means, it sounds like it could be true.

In the WDR news, however, a "nurse" has just appeared who could be an "opponent of vaccination".

The moderator, the broadcaster tweeted, had promised herself.

The "Lokalzeit" moderator Stefan Fuckert, as can be read in the "Siegener Zeitung", has now also noticed that the "nurse" does not exist.

It was just stupidly on his moderation cards.

And so he used “the failed neologism” twice.

Immediately after the show, colleagues asked him: “Does this word even exist?

And then I immediately thought: Oh my goodness - no!” The word doesn't exist yet, but who knows.