4 students from the Mathematical Society of Morocco, for the second time in a row, won two gold and two silver medals in the 2022 World Mathematical Competition, which was organized at the American University in Bulgaria.

Ziad Amzel - one of the students who won the gold medal in the international competition for mathematics that was organized this year between the first and the seventh of this August - said: "Winning the gold medal means a lot to me, and I am very honored that I was able to represent Morocco in particular, and I hope that I have shown The world knows that the Arab world is full of talents in the field of mathematics who are able to occupy the highest ranks in the most prestigious competitions.

Moroccan brilliance

The International Mathematics Competition is an annual competition open to all university students under the age of 23, and is organized by University College London, UCL every year. The competition was held this year at the American University in Bulgaria.

The four Moroccan participants in the International Mathematical Competition in Bulgaria, for the second time in a row, won two gold and two silver medals. These students are members of the Mathematical Association of Morocco. The Moroccan national team consisted of:

Students representing the Moroccan team in a previous international competition for mathematics (Al Jazeera)

  • Issam El Taweel is a member of the Mathematical Society of Morocco, coach of the national team in the international competition for mathematics, and a student at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, and a gold medalist during the 2021 edition.

  • Ziad Amzel, vice president in charge of the training pole at the Mathematical Society of Morocco, member of the national team at the 2019 World Mathematical Olympiad in England, bronze medalist, and a first-year student at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris.

  • Ayman Maitat, member of the Mathematical Society of Morocco and a second-year student at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris.

  • Ahmed Al-Shahlawi, a member of the Mathematical Society of Morocco and a second-year student at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris.

Omar Bennouna, a member of the Office of the Mathematical Society of Morocco, points out that "most of the participating universities form teams headed by a member of the university's mathematics department, and any university student - no more than 23 years old - can form a team made up of his university students or participate individually."

As for the Moroccan students, they were able to pass a selective test, which enabled them to represent their university "Ecole Polytechnique" in France in this competition.

To get the gold medal, you must have a score above 40 out of 80, and above 30 for silver.

The team members scored the following points: 54, 41, 39 and 35, thus winning two gold and two silver medals.

The competition issues cover most fields of mathematics, especially arithmetic, analysis, algebra, statement theory and structures.

The National Mathematics Team that represented Morocco in the previous International Olympiad in Norway (Al Jazeera)

Previous African, Arab and international trophies

Student Issam Al-Taweel says, "This is not the first achievement of this kind for Moroccan students. Moroccans have already achieved achievements of this kind, and it is clear that Morocco has promising young talents in this specialization."

At the national level, it organizes annually a National Olympiad from the first year in secondary school to the final year of secondary studies, which is the mechanism by which members of the various teams representing the Kingdom of Morocco are selected in various events at the international level.

The Moroccan national team, consisting of the six participants (Abdul Qayyum Qaddouri - Maad Unuwa - Saad Raisi - Adam Al Kharaz - Al Mahdi Al Kahil - Anas Al Bukhari) within the baccalaureate level, managed to obtain 82 points and 4 honorary merits with points 19, 17, 17 and 15, in the international competition in Norway 2022 .

In addition, according to Omar Bennouna, "Morocco attended strongly in the African Olympics organized in Morocco 2022, where this year's session saw the Moroccan national team crowned first individually, and the Moroccan team obtained the highest rate at the team level, with 152 points. It was crowned These results resulted in the delegation representing our country obtaining two gold medals, two silver medals, and a bronze medal.”

One of the activities of the Moroccan Mathematical Association to develop the classrooms of students and youth (Al-Jazeera)

As for the Arab Mathematical Olympiad, which was organized remotely in Egypt in 2020, Morocco won the first session of the Arab Mathematical Olympiad, with 3 of its students obtaining the first classes in the competition, in which the final year students participated in the baccalaureate.

The Moroccan team also managed, during the second session, organized remotely by the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science in 2020, to win the second place by winning 4 medals, one of which is gold, two silver medals, and a bronze medal.

In addition, Moroccan students participated in the international competition for mathematics at the university level at the American University in Bulgaria in the 2021 version remotely, and the student Ayman Al-Shargawi and Issam Al-Taweel managed to obtain two gold medals.

A youth association behind the coronations

The “Mathematics Association of Morocco” is the body that oversees the formation and guidance of Moroccan teams participating in all kinds of mathematics competitions. It was founded in 2016 by young Moroccans who graduated from the most prestigious international universities.

The association aims to promote mathematics in Morocco in general, and to improve the preparation of outstanding Moroccan students to represent Morocco in international mathematics competitions in particular.

The Mathematical Society of Morocco trains students in partnership with the Ministry of National Education (Al Jazeera)

The association currently consists of more than 60 members, most of whom are young Moroccans studying in the most prestigious universities in different parts of the world, such as Morocco, France and the United States. Its first founding president was Mohamed Amine Bennouna, a graduate of the Polytechnic School in France and a doctoral student at MIT University. ).

This initiative seeks to improve the curricula for teaching Olympic mathematics in Morocco. It also conducts a number of exercises in partnership with the Ministry of National Education, from the first year of secondary school to the baccalaureate year.

It also guides students in need of academic support, and produces explainer videos for various math lessons for all levels.

In this context, in 2019 during the Covid-19 pandemic, the association was able to help more than 1,800 Moroccan students to prepare for the baccalaureate exam throughout Morocco, in addition to helping students of the preparatory departments by providing tips and mathematics lessons at the level of the preparatory departments.