“Each of us has heard of situations where parents choose universities and areas of study for their children.

It is good if their interests coincide, but this is not always the case.

At the same time, the desire of the former turns into continuous pressure on the latter.

Children are afraid not to live up to the expectations of their parents, and the anxiety only intensifies.

It is important for adults to understand that the success of a child’s self-realization depends on psychological comfort and tranquility,” the expert emphasized.

Galkina added that both parents and applicants need to soberly assess the situation and understand that there is a competition for budget places.

“In top universities, it can reach up to 30 people per place.

A realistic view of their own strengths and competition will help children avoid unnecessary frustration.

Admission to the budget is far from the only option for obtaining higher education.

If possible, you can always consider training on a commercial basis, ”said the interlocutor of RT.

She explained that one of the strategies could also be a gap year, during which a graduate will be able to train, work, and then better prepare for exams in a less stressful environment.

Even children who are ideally prepared for exams in an anxious environment can show a lower result than usual and be very worried about this, Galkina recalled.

“Your calmness is an example for a child.

Try chatting with people you know who have gone through this stage, or read the stories of entrepreneurs who didn't go to university but built great careers.

These stories will give peace and optimism,” she concluded.

Earlier, Vice-Rector of the State University of Management Alexander Troitsky announced the growing interest of students in studying for a master's degree.