The US CDC = Center for Disease Control updated its guidelines on the new coronavirus on the 11th, eliminating the need to isolate people who have been in contact with an infected person regardless of their vaccination status, and instead recommending wearing a high-performance mask for a certain period of time. announced.

Since the middle of last month, the average number of people infected with the new coronavirus reported per day in the United States has been around 100,000, and the number of deaths has been around 400.

Under these circumstances, the CDC updated its guidelines on the 11th, showing its response to the new coronavirus.

Among them, until now, people who had contact with an infected person were required to be isolated for a certain period of time depending on the vaccination status, but this was relaxed to eliminate the need for isolation, and instead, after the last contact, We have changed the content to recommend that you take an inspection after 5 days and wear a high-performance mask for 10 days.

On the other hand, people who test positive are recommended to isolate for at least 5 days, and those who have symptoms but do not have test results are asked to isolate until results are available.

Regarding this change, the CDC said, ``There are many ways to prevent severe illness, such as vaccines and treatments, and the risk has been significantly reduced. We have made this change so that there is no such thing."