Mustafa Al-Hais, a 16-year-old Palestinian child, was the victim of an explosive bullet fired by the Israeli occupation soldiers, hitting his left knee, after a rubber bullet hit the same foot.

The scene did not end here, but two soldiers rushed, and the event in the heart of the city of Hebron in the southern West Bank, dragged and pulled the injured child from his hands, leaving his feet to bleed and sway involuntarily.

After that, two other soldiers joined the scene to carry Mustafa by his feet, in a scene that brought to mind the dragging of the Palestinian martyr Shakir Hassouna, and he was transported in the same way and in the same place in 2001.

The scene continued with the transfer of the child to a nearby military point located at the entrance to Al-Shuhada Street, in the Bab Al-Zawiya area, where the picture was completed by torturing the child until he was close to death, according to his version and that of his father, Khalil Al-Husays, for Al-Jazeera Net.

At the military post, the soldiers gathered around Mustafa and rushed to kick him with their steel-toed boots.

The kicks targeted the knee area, where the explosive bullet hit, the hands, the rubber bullet wound area, and the sides of the abdomen until the captive child lost consciousness.

"I didn't feel the rubber hit, but I felt an explosion in my knee after the exploding bullet, and I started to bleed, the soldiers attacked me and dragged me (they dragged me) several meters," says the boy, screeching in pain.

The wounded Palestinian child, Mustafa Al-Husays, after the operation (Al-Jazeera)


Hours after he underwent surgery at Al-Ahly Hospital in Hebron, which took 5 hours to restore the knee bones, the captive child adds, "Two other soldiers came to carry me by the feet, and then I felt my feet separated from my body, and during the beating I felt their loss."

He continued, "At the military checkpoint, 3 soldiers attacked me. With each strike, I felt death and screamed in pain, and repeated the two testimonies. Then I fainted, and I did not feel anything until I was transferred to the Palestinian ambulance (Wednesday evening), then I passed out and woke up in the hospital."

Mustafa points to bruises and blows all over his body, most of which are likely to have been sustained while he was unconscious, noting that the interrogation was about his name and whether he threw stones at them or not, during clashes that took place in the city to protest the martyrdom of 3 young men in Nablus.

Mustafa reassures everyone who watched the video that he is in good health, despite the severe pain he is experiencing as a result of the injury.

The occupation arrests the 15-year-old boy, Mustafa Al-Hesais, after injuring him in the leg during the confrontations with Bab Al-Zawiya in Hebron. They pull him by the injured leg as he screams in pain.

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abuse and torture

Mustafa's father, Khalil al-Husays, is shocked by the horror of what he saw, and he did not expect his son to come back to life. He tells Al Jazeera Net, "When I saw Mustafa's video, I remembered the martyr Shaker Hassouna, I was shocked, but I prayed to God to inspire me patience."

He added, "I tried to reach Mustafa, but to no avail. When the Palestinian Red Crescent received him, my heart was assured that he had not been martyred. Praise be to God, I wrote him a new life."

Regarding his health condition, the father says that the doctors found the explosive bullet lodged inside Mustafa's knee, and it caused a laceration in the bone, so they performed a cleaning, repair and fixation operation with metal rods.

He added that his son was hit by a rubber bullet in the muscle of the foot before the exploding bullet, and doctors estimated that he would not be able to walk on his foot before 6 months.

He said that what happened with Mustafa has nothing to do with humanity, wondering, "Why is he being abused and tortured by a regular army?"

popular reaction

The scenes of abuse of the Al-Hayss child shook the conscience of many through social networks, as they showed his lizard after he was injured, then he was transferred to the military checkpoint and then a Palestinian ambulance.

United Nations data indicate that 66 Palestinians were killed by the Israeli army in the West Bank, and 6,843 others were injured from the beginning of 2022 until the beginning of August.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club says that the number of martyrs of the captive movement, including martyrs who rose as a result of field executions after their arrest, has reached 231 since 1967.

According to official Palestinian data, over the past two decades, Israel has killed about 10,000 Palestinians, including 2,000 children.