Swedish working dog clubs have taken it upon themselves to deliver 250 dogs per year to the armed forces.

The dogs must be able to be used during war to search areas, but also, for example, able to find missing people or help guard an area.

Eskilstuna Brukshundklubb is one of the clubs that holds courses and produces suitable dogs for the military.

The FM inspector Nils-Göran Larsson in the foreground has the task of ensuring that the enforcement authorities get the right dog background.

In the background you can see from left: Home Guard's Mattias Norrman, dog handler Viljo Heikkilä and the dog Quentin.

Photo: SVT


The training of the dogs can look different, says Nils-Göran Larsson.

There are intensive courses, but also boarding variants or more traditional courses where the dogs are trained once a week for a longer period of time.

- After all, it is a fresh product.

You have to keep training your dog, says Nils-Göran Larsson.

Several requirements

In order for a dog to be kept fit both out in the field or during war in a densely built-up area, several requirements are set.

Both on the dog and the dog handler.

In the clip, you meet the soldier dog Quentin and the dog handler Viljo Heikkilä, who tell you more about the requirements and what a trained dog can be used for.

A dog that is supposed to work in the armed forces has to cope with a lot.

Among other things, being carried by his dog handler.

Here, Viljo Heikkilä carries the dog Unique on his shoulders.

Photo: SVT