Ola Serneke is the founder and co-owner of the construction group Serneke, which is currently building the tallest building in the Nordic region, Karlatornet, in Gothenburg.

He believes that it is time to allow free rent setting, so-called market rents, in combination with subsidized rents and increased housing allowances.

- It benefits the market.

Those who do not have equity, who cannot buy a condominium, if they could instead have a rental property that is slightly more expensive, then we will bring in more of those who have slightly higher salaries but do not have equity, he says in Sweden meets.

"Spending all the money on accommodation is not what I want"

For the mother of two, Jennifer Pope, the rental market today is a challenge, and she does not believe that market rents will improve the situation.

In the housing queue in Stockholm, she cannot apply for all housing in her area because they do not approve her salary level, nor is she entitled to housing allowance.

- Spending all the money on accommodation is not what I want.

I wonder what is the problem with rental properties?

she says.

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