On August 10, Shi Yi, a spokesman for the Eastern Theater Command, said that the joint military operations organized by the Eastern Theater Command in the sea and airspace around Taiwan Island successfully completed various tasks.

  Colonel Shi Yi, spokesman of the Eastern Theater Command: The Eastern Theater Command recently organized a series of joint military operations of various services and arms in the sea and airspace around Taiwan Island, successfully completed various tasks, and effectively tested the integrated joint combat capabilities of the troops.

The theater troops will keep an eye on the changes in the situation in the Taiwan Strait, continue to conduct military training and preparations, regularly organize combat readiness patrols in the direction of the Taiwan Strait, and resolutely defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

  On the evening of August 2, after Pelosi visited and landed at Taipei Songshan Airport, the troops of the Eastern Theater Command, which were on high alert, immediately followed the order and launched a series of joint military operations around Taiwan Island as planned overnight.

  The theater rocket force was instructed to carry out multi-regional and multi-type constant-guided fire assaults in the predetermined waters off the eastern part of Taiwan Island to test precision strike and area denial capabilities.

After receiving the task, the task force quickly completed the transition to the combat readiness level, arrived at the designated combat area within the specified time limit, and made all preparations for launch.

  The long ying roared into the sky, and the god of war roared the sky.

The theater army carried out precise strikes on specific areas in the eastern Taiwan Strait as ordered.

  For the past few days, under the unified command of the theater joint operations command center, the theater navy, air force, rocket force, strategic support force, joint logistics support force and other forces have continued to conduct high-intensity and systematic operations in the northern, southwestern, and southeastern seas and airspaces of Taiwan Island. , Joint training around Taiwan Island.

Focusing on practical subjects such as joint containment and control, sea assault, land strike, air superiority operations, joint anti-submarine warfare, and joint support, the combat training is consistent, the use of troops is systematic, the unit's integrated joint combat capability has been improved, and the level of combat readiness in response to crises has been tested. .

  From the launch position with dense forest and secluded paths to the beachfront under the scorching sun, from the rolling hills in the southeast to the vast sea and sky with vast blue waters, the task force is determined and determined, and the officers and soldiers participating in the battle will meet the enemy with swords and high fighting spirit.

  During the exercise, a batch of new equipment such as stealth fighter jets, box-type rocket launchers, and Yunyou-20 was used in a large-scale system, effectively supporting the theater troops to improve their ability to win and carry out their missions.

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