Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg now wants to clarify its own case.

That means he wants to shed light on the management of the resigned director Patricia Schlesinger and the network of relationships between her and the also resigned head of the board of directors, Wolf-Dieter Wolf.

For this purpose, said RBB editor-in-chief David Biesinger, a five-person research team was formed.

This should research independently of the editor-in-chief, "where something is there and where not".

Michael Hanfeld

responsible editor for feuilleton online and "media".

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It sounds as if the research of other journalists had brought little to light.

The RBB presenter Sarah Oswald, who questioned the program director Jan Schulte-Kellinghaus critically in the "Abendschau", expects, as she told the "Spiegel", that colleagues can view all important documents, including contracts and invoices.

It is "simply very annoying when you get to read from colleagues in other media what is happening in your own company".

Oswald thinks that "more people will probably have to go" in the RBB.

So far there have been three: Schlesinger, Wolf and the former director, Verena Formen-Mohr.

To the Sheriff's Ball in London

If the broadcaster's internal researchers were actually given access to all relevant documents, they would be better off than those who research from outside.

The portal "Business Insider" and "Spiegel" report as the last episode of the scandal for the time being that Patricia Schlesinger left for a three-day trip to London with her husband Gerhard Spörl and friends in September 2021.

There we went to the so-called "Sheriff's Ball", where the two sheriffs of the city received 400 invited guests from all over the world (ticket price £250), and a private tour of the British Museum.

The trip can be found in the RBB booking system.

So did the broadcaster pay for the trip?

Was there a business reason for this trip?

Inquiry at the RBB.

The answer comes quickly: "In view of the ongoing investigations by the public prosecutor, we are currently not providing any further information on events affecting Patricia Schlesinger's administration." This will probably always be the case from now on.

Are the internal researchers getting any further to find out “where there is something and where there isn’t”?

The Berlin Public Prosecutor's Office has now taken over the criminal investigations because of the "importance of the matter".

The RBB Broadcasting Council is moving forward its special session to next Monday.

The next day, the Brandenburg state parliament gets down to – important – matters.